"A well written descriptive romp through Australiaís opal mining world. Highly recommended." - cayocosta72 Ė Book Reviews

"This was a sweet little romantic mystery with a touch of suspense. It was also very clean with only a few chaste kisses, a nice afternoon read." - Sparkymom, Savedbysuspenseblogspot


"Love on location is an adorable novella set in the glamorous world of Television productions. It is the perfect read for an evening spent curled up on the couch. I canít think of a better way to spend the night than reading Love on Location by Claire Baxter." - Robyn, Elder Park Book Reviews

"Overall, this is a fun, enjoyable read and a great example of how shorter stories can deliver on both characters and plot." - Bwilliamsbooks

"Even though the pair tries to keep it casual, you know whatís going to happen Ė and itís a lovely job as a reader to find out how it does." - Sam Still Reading

"This story has all the hallmarks of a romance - the moody, arrogant hero; the strong yet vulnerable heroine...and one or two situations that conspire to keep the lovebirds apart. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Baxter's work, especially if they continue to be as tantalizing and fun to read as this one!" - Heather McCoubrey

"Love on location is an adorable novella set in the glamorous world of Television productions. It is the perfect read for an evening spent curled up on the couch. I canít think of a better way to spend the night than reading Love on Location by Claire Baxter." - Robin Koshel


"FLIRTING WITH DANGER is a very sweet and romantic read that just makes your heart melt and you wanting to find a love like that. I really enjoyed this book, it kept me on my toes and just made my day better after reading it. It was a great surprising and refreshing read. I definitely can't wait for the next book in the series and to see the next Fireman on the chopping block."
- Sarah Horwath, Fresh Fiction

"This story was hugely entertaining for me, and oddly steamy for a story without sex! It's a good thing Aaron and Jasmine are trained to put out fires, because they did a great job of heating up the electronic pages of this book! (So I'm cheesy, deal with it.) I would recommend this book to just about any romance reader. It's humorous, hot, and written very well. I'll be reading more from Claire Baxter in the future, that's for sure."
- Sarah Hearts Books, The Romance Reviews

"Flirting with Danger by Claire Baxter is fun and entertaining. Not only did it keep me wondering what happens next, it also left me wanting more!  I canít wait for the next book in this series to be released and find out who the next firefighter to find his love will be next and what adventures and mishaps they will have. For a fun, sweet and entertaining romance, donít miss Flirting with Danger by Claire Baxter."
- Sara, Harlequin Junkie

"I loved this book. It had too many good scenes and made me laugh and swoon and feel sad during some parts. Pretty much everything a good weekend romantic read should have!! LOVED IT!!! So make sure to go get your copy."
- Meagan, Books To Get Lost In

"There were no overt sex scenes so I'm labeling this as having a low heat label; it's a sweet and clean romance with no strong language. If you enjoy watching a friendship progress into a relationship (loved the dialogue--just like you'd expect two people comfortable with each other to talk), you'll like this one! This was a 5 out of 5 for me!"
- Lori, Ebook Escapes

"A delightfully sweet love story, Flirting with Danger will appeal to readers looking for more heart than heat.† And as part of the ďFirefighterís of AdelaideĒ series, we can look forward to more delicious romances in the future."
- Julie Johnson, The Book Tribe

"Gracious!† Such a sweet romance that I couldn't put down.†I actually started this book just thinking I'd read a quick chapter before bed.† That was a silly idea.† This book really grabbed my attention from the start with it's witty characters and cute banter.† Definitely a fun read and perfect for the summer."
- Helena, Mama's Reading Break

"I loved that Jasmine was able to make Aaron weak in the knees, and she was able to give him something he hadn't experienced before - someone worth the risk. Their story was absolutely beautiful. I loved the ending and I hope to read more from this author!"
- Arianne, Provocative Pages

"I have to admit that I accidentally inhaled this book in one sitting. This is a light, fun, perfect poolside, beach or when you just want a really good read book. Jasmine and Aaron sucked me in from the very first page and didn't let go till I was finished. I loved the snarkiness, fun & chemistry between the two main characters as they start to see each other in a new light after a friend's wedding."
- Goodreads

"Seriously, a heart warming story that will leave you all mushy inside. Of course, you are going to fall in love with the bad boy and tomboy girl. Basically, if you are looking for a warm fuzzy feeling story, you will find it in Flirting with Danger."
- Melody May, What I'm Reading


"The character of Tyler was to die for hot! And layered so stunningly by the author that I wished I could simply cuddle the man myself and take away his fears... I recommend this read for romance fans looking for an easy, sweet and sensual read. The perfect Sunday afternoon pick me up read!"
- Desere Steenberg, Contemporary Romance Reviews


"I really enjoyed ANYBODY BUT HIM. It was funny and sad, but completely realistic. I highly recommend ANYBODY BUT HIM for any reader's enjoyment."
- Victoria Lane, The Romance Reviews

"This was a great little novella. It was a wonderful length for the story and gave us good insight into the characters...the entire cast of characters made this book a quick and fun read that had me smiling most of the way through it."
- Tracy at Bookbinge

"A sweet romance that has plenty of subplots to keep you entertained. Definitely reading more by Claire Baxter."

"A delightfully sweet romance. I loved the quirky characters of Nicola's parents. Author Claire Baxter brought this exceptionally realistic romance that will touch your heart and make you shed tears. Recommended for all lovers of romance."
- Nas Dean, Romance Book Haven

"The read is the perfect length to allow a reader to escape from it all and go to the magical world of romance blossoming when forgiveness finally comes into play...I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for something fun and exciting, that delivers a nice message of letting go of the past."
- Desere, Contemporary Romance Reviews

"Themes of letting go of the past, growing up, dealing with aging parents, divorce and more might sound heavy but are addressed with a light hand. This light-hearted story is a fun read that avoids the pitfalls of generic romance."
- Goodreads

"There is no sex within the pages of this book. None. Notta. Zilch. But that doesn't take away from the story. Like I said it's a sweet romance and I'm glad I took the time to read it. Ms Baxter is a new to me author and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work in the future."
- Christy (Tyhada Reads)

"I absolutely love it when a story has me so gripped that I have these rather loud outbursts of unrestrained laughter and Anbody But Him did just that, offering me a brief escape for a couple of hours. It is a laugh-a-minute account of Nicola Doyle's return to Redgum Valley and her childhood home. Anybody But Him is a delightfully sweet and pacy romantic comedy which, while exploring themes of aging parents, re-discovering who we really are and forgiveness, is light in tone."
- Marcia at


"The barriers Cora faces are true to real life scenarios and she stumbles through them with appropriate difficulty. More Than Just One Night provides a quick, entertaining read. Itís a nice distraction at the end of a difficult day."
- Braxton Cole (Indie Reviews)

"This story pulled me in and kept me there every page. I haven't enjoyed a story this much in a long while. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series."
- Robyn Grady, bestselling romance author (Amazon)

"This was my first ever Claire Baxter book, and it definitely won't be my last. Loved it! The characters were well rounded and developed, and the storyline very believable. I loved the self-doubts of the heroine - quite understandable given the circumstances. I did have some doubts with the antics from the heroine's daughter, but as the story progressed, things were set straight as necessary. I read the book in just two sittings, and couldn't put it down. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this excellent writer."
- Cheryl Wright (Amazon)

"I'm a big fan of Claire Baxter's short stories, so I was delighted to get my hands on this novella. Great characters, believable conflicts, and a cute hero. What more could you ask for? Bring on the next Selwood sister!"
- Amazon reviewer

"Loved the characters in this story. I could personally relate to Cora especially. Great Sunday afternoon read. Can't wait to read the rest of the series. Thank you Claire Baxter for this feel good story!"
- Amazon reviewer


"Fabulously satisfying short reads. Claire Baxter's collection of stories demonstrate exactly why she's been published in leading women's magazines worldwide."
- Amazon reviewer


"An appealing romantic fantasy with a simple plot, a gorgeous setting and a lovely hero."
- Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"Ms. Baxter has penned these fantastic characters in a way that will make readers fall for them."


"A rich and powerful story of two people grasping a chance at happiness with each other after so many years of loneliness.  This whole book captivated me from start to finish."

"A perfect short romance read for readers who crave a little peace and quiet from the hectic, fast-paced schedule but also want a romance that moves the heart...a narrative style that enchants and soothes."
- Merrimon's Book Reviews

"Claire Baxter has captured the heart of the 'patchwork family' beautifully, and created two well-rounded and believable characters in Regan and Chase. It was a pleasure to share the journey with them and I fell in love with their families too! The Single Dad's Patchwork Family, is a definite keeper for my shelves."
- Romance Reviewed


"Claire Baxter's Best Friend...Future Wife combines a deceptively simple plot with fabulous, multi-faceted characters. It's pure magic."
- Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"Kudos to Ms. Baxter for penning yet another fantastic romantic story where the characters seem like family and the readers' imagination takes flight into fantasy"

"A delightful story, that worked on many levels as the plot played out."

"A fabulous tender romance. Well written, there is deep emotion and touching scenes that will pull at the reader's heart. Moving love scenes and exquisite touching moments along with intense dialog pull this tale all together. The perfect read."


"Claire Baxter makes a noteworthy debut with Falling for the Frenchman, a sweet, sensual and sometimes funny reunion tale."
- Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"Claire Baxter is an author who pens stories about characters that have a history...a history that will leave you spellbound."

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